About Us

TUGIDER was established on 03/08/1992 under the name of All Food Importers Association with 13 members.The aim of the Association is to enable food importing companies to act together under one roof.In November 2005, the name of the Association was changed as ALL FOOD FOREIGN TRADE ASSOCIATION. In addition to imports, efforts are being made to facilitate the export transactions of our exporters and to find new markets.

Our Association operates in compliance with the rules of the European Community, World Health Organization and World Trade Organization. In particular, it is working to ensure that the EU legislation on food, feed legislation, food supplements, fresh vegetables and fruits, sea foods, material contact with foods, alcoholic beverages, medical devices, baby foods, energy restricted foods, foods for sports, cosmetics, etc. are in compliance with the legislation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Our Association participates in technical studies by assigning expert staff composed of our members in these legislation issues.

Our association continuously organizes seminars and conferences on the working topics of our members.

It shares the demands of goods coming from abroad with our members and introduces our members to foreign companies looking for distributors.

Food, Pet Food, Food Supplement, Alcoholic Beverages, Baby Foods and Enteral products, such as imports of products to be complied with the legislation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on behalf of our members are provided consultancy and Control Certificate studies are carried out on behalf of our members.

Our Mission

About applied regulations of located within the general concept of food in Turkey such as Food Supplements, Baby Foods, Enteral Products, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Alcoholic Beverages and Pet foods in which the scope of Feed legislation are is identical with the EU legislation.

Additionally; our demand is to provide a modern structure of imports and exports carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and to abolish the Control Certificate application in animal products.

The only address for IMPORTS AND EXPORTS is TUGIDER.